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“I went to a physical therapist for 3 months, 3 days a week due to a car accident that injured 2 discs in my neck and 3 in my lower back. They gave me no relief. After coming to Dr. Reilly, I was walking without pain. Later, after a knee replacement, Dr. Reilly again worked with me in the rehabilition facility and my surgeon says that I have perfect range of motion. Trust me, if you are hurt, Dr. Reilly is the person to see. No one will ever know how much I appreciate him and all that he has done for me.-THANK YOU DR. REILLY, YOU’RE THE BEST!” – Kim Robbins

“My wife and I both thought I’d end up being an invalid due to lower lumbar problems. After being treated by Dr. Reilly, working out in his gym facility, and doing what he recommended, I can honestly say that between he and the Lord, I no longer have spasms or lower lumbar pain.” – Jerry Wieman

“My son had colic as a baby and because of this, had a difficult time sleeping at night. He was up 2-3 days straight. I would bring him to Dr. Reilly and he would massage his neck and spine. After his treatment, my son would then sleep for hours. Sometimes, this was the only peace we got!” – Leslie M. Cooper

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