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Why Chiropractic?

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Most of us don’t think twice about routinely maintaining our vehicles.  We service them with proper alignments, frequent oil changes, and we pump them with appropriate fuel.

We understand that by regularly doing these few SIMPLE things, our cars not only perform better, but they also run longer and more efficiently.

Like cars, our bodies are machines that need regular care for optimum performance.  When we feel good, our quality of life improves.

Our body is remarkably designed with an inborn ability to maintain itself.  Our brain sends messages to our system of nerves telling it to heal our cuts, make food into living tissue, adapt to changes in our environment, produce chemicals necessary for bodily function, fight off invading organisms—-the list goes on and on.

Sometimes however, interference in the nerve systems occurs, reducing our body’s ability to function in its otherwise normal coordinated manner.  Even slight damage to this delicate system can reduce the body’s ability to function at its fullest potential.

A spinal misalignment also known as a vertebral subluxation, interferes with the nerve system, making it harder for our nerves to send messages to the parts of our body in need of proper function and good health.

Our doctors correct these vertebral subluxations by first identifying your condition and then alleviating your symptoms.  We gently redirect the misaligned vertebrae to balance the nerve and muscles so that they can once again perform at their best level.  This safe and painless treatment brings relief and helps you to return to good health as soon as possible without the use of addictive drugs and irreversible surgery.

Exercise and dietary changes are also encouraged to aid in the prevention of further problems.

Like our vehicles, simple, routine maintenance on our bodies will do much to increase our performance and efficiency, guaranteeing a healthier standard of life!